Leonie Wallwork

Leonie Wallwork

The journey into workplace wellness and resilience seemed a natural progression for Co-Founder/Director of Workplace Wellness, Leonie Wallwork, at this stage in her life and career.

My wealth of diverse experience in the private, Government and NGO sectors provided an opportunity to add real value in helping others to be engaged, motivated and productive in life and work.

As a senior executive including at CEO level, Director, HR and Change Manager and as a Business Advisor and Consultant, I have experienced first-hand the impact of change in the world of work, restructures, rapid growth or rapid decline in businesses, the challenges of turning a profit or, in the case of NGOs, achieving profit to support purpose, and the myriad of differing management styles and workplace cultures. It stirred up a burning desire to get to the core of many of the issues people and organisations were facing and nip them in the bud.

Through my own consulting business, Wallwork Consulting, I have focused mainly on leading capacity and capability development projects. As an Associate with Partners in Change, I was inspired by the work of Geoff Pearman, founder and world thought leader in age and work. Through this work, I found many cross overs and opportunities to change the narrative on wellness/ wellbeing, inclusive workplaces for people of all ages and to work strategically on turning the tide on enabling organisations to be sustainable, healthy and well.

Leonie studied at Massey University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies in HR Management and has worked at senior levels in both Australia and NZ.

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