Marya Hopman

Hi!  My name is Marya Hopman.  I’m a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist who’s not that into exercise!    I’m interested in living an active life, free from pain and confident to do whatever I want to do.  

I retrained as a personal trainer in 2010 because i was looking for a career that would be good for my health, rather than being stuck behind a desk.  I’d heard the industry was looking for trainers that a wider range of people could relate to.  As an “older” woman who wasn’t a fitness fanatic, and as a person who loves to help people, I fit the bill. 

Surprisingly I found my purpose.

It’s taken me a few years to realise that what I now offer is very different.  I’ve combined rehabilitation and exercise with consistent and relentless education because this really seems to be lacking.  I found people didn’t really understand the exercises given to them by their physical therapist or trainer.  With just a little extra time taken on explaining how it should feel, how with very small adjustments they could get a better result, clients have been blown away.  People regularly ask me “Why haven’t I been told this before?” and I don’t know the answer.  What I teach is common sense and should be common knowledge, so it’s my mission to make it so because I believe it can change the health and fitness of everyone.

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