Steve Nathan

Steve Nathan

Steve previously ran Salvare Estate but ditched the wine to get people off timesheets and into Timehub.

I’m passionate about employee time and attendance, and payroll (Weird I know but I spent 16 years as co-founder of Comacc the Payroll People before selling to MYOB so it’s in my DNA)

I enjoy everything to do with managing employee attendance and payroll – the people and the tech, and I am keen to help NZ employers (especially those in the SME space) improve this mission-critical area of their businesses.

I fervently dislike paper timesheets and that’s why I launched TimeHub and MyTimesheets. I believe “Better data capture = Better Payroll”

I will attempt to add value through my posts here. If you need help, simply ask.

If you need help selecting or implementing a new Time & Attendance or Payroll system, please just ask.

The other stuff that LinkedIn said I should say:-
Experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the payroll and accounting industry. Skilled in managing Employee Attendance, Payroll, Wine Tourism, Business Planning, Sales, Sales Management, Marketing and Event Management. Strong entrepreneurship professional, graduated from Onehunga High School (for what that’s worth)

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